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  • Server merge (?)

    Was wondering, is it possible, this early, to initiate server merges? I know devs rarely consider merges as per player request, but maybe they can make this an exception (after all they are the ones that keep releasing so many servers at once, hence, most servers are almost dead). Can't even get a party to do multiplayer dungeons. I log several times during the day (different times) but I never even get to have a decent party to begin with. Dungeon lobby is empty most of the times (at least when I log on), sometimes I see 1 or 2 people, but the party never really fills up. Troubling thing is my server is only 4 days old. It was okay on the first day, can get people to do dungeons, but when I finally reach the level that I can do magic runes/goblin elite, teammates are nowhere to be found. Are we suppose to just get stronger so we can just solo everything instead of needing a team?

    Told before it was bad idea to release servers on a daily basis and now, players are suffering from its rebound.

    Suggestion: The devs can add a bot/s that autofills the party when no one is available for a set amount of time - kinda like in Thundercall and Stormthrone. Conversely, devs can also make toons available for hire (friend's toons or a generic template toon for a price to fillup the party slot/s).
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    Thank you for your report. Can I please have your server number?
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      Wow. This has been a problem since 29 January and the game just had a launch on 17 January and R2 continues opening up new servers anyway. LOL