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Battlegrounds ridiculously imbalanced

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  • Battlegrounds ridiculously imbalanced

    So, the Battlegrounds is cross-server populated but when I try to run a Multiplayer Dungeon it can take literal hours before I can get a group together. But in the Battlegrounds I have to go up against other players from OTHER SERVERS that have clearly spent at least $300 and have been playing the game far longer than I and many others have.

    Point is: PvP should not be cross-server and PvE should always be but this is completely backwards!

    R2 gaming business models have a lot of ways of making new players run away from their games and another way of annoying others that have TRIED to endure all the nuances to constantly have their patience tried.

    I know nothing will change but I'm just here to point out the obvious for all the other players of these R2 games.

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    Dear player, Battlegrounds were meant to be cross-server PvP. The game system will try to balance out the BR on each side. However, you can increase your battle states by collecting ATK Orbs, killing monsters, attacking guardians, and dying. So it is possible to go against stronger players if you gathered enough battle states. Please keep in mind that all battle states will be gone if you win a fight. I hope this helps
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      Also keep in mind that battleground is also tiered by your level.
      Example: 31-35 is one group, 36-40 is another group, etc.
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