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  • Instead of more servers...

    Always offer new PLAYERS bonuses instead of limiting them to a new SERVER.

    The forum community clearly has in-game issues with low populations and server inactivity. So, stop creating new servers!

    R2 has a small gaming community, make some effort to listen to your player-base and do what's necessary for us to keep playing AND keep funding your business.

    If it's already really bad by the time you hit level 30, how much worse will it get at 40? 50? 60+? I'm sure what will happen is a server will only have 3 players and they'll all have to be on at the same time just to be able to play the game lol.
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    I understand your position, and we are in the process of relaying this to the Devs. As you know, this can take some time - so please be patient and hopefully things will balance themselves out so we can all enjoy the game.
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