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  • S6- Server merge

    reason only few activeplayers online
    in World boss we got only 2 -3 full party ( some time only one) and max 6 parties on wb
    hard to find teamparty some days need wait half day to do low level team dungeon, countig on curent lever dungeon is only Long/sweet dream

    I hope game masters start think to populate current server and not start making new. becouse new servers broke game

    best regards S6 - clan Divinitas - Diplomate - SweeC
    Mythic Glory -=- Server
    [S6] Tarantula Marsh -=- Clan: Divinitas -=- IGN: SweeC

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    Hello dear SweeC , I will foward your suggestion.


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      I think this game is dead. the only server that's doing well is server 1 from what I see. I am from server 14 and its dead as well. I've seen world bosses where only one team in fighting.


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        If they want to keep this game alive , they better do something real quick or this game is dead.
        Well its almost dead anyway and this game is only month and half old, only Server1 is active.


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          We have 8 players online in s5, if it wasn't for the Temple of Trials and being afk 5 of them wouldn't be online....


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            Server merges would be nice but useless if things are not fixed and content added that would give you a chance to play without getting frustrated. I posted on another thread some ideas for improvements. Waiting until after their holiday to see if things improve then will decide what to do. I do know that at this point not spending a penny on this game not worth what you get for the money.


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              All problems will be fixed after the 21th. Your request of server merge will be forward, sorry for all the inconveniences during this Chinese New Year Holiday. Please be patience with us as it may take some time to fix all issues. Thank you for understanding.
              R2Games Ticket System Support: