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  • Reward for help

    suggestion for Dev
    reward for help in dungeons
    is very hard to get party lv 50

    ign Gaturro

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    Thank you for your feedback of the game, your suggestion has been forward. For future suggestions, please kindly post your sugessions HERE .
    R2Games Ticket System Support:


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      Bringing members up to your level is help for yourself. Seeing as they increase the difficulty the higher level you are with mim. rewards, they expect you to buy your way to power.. stop before you waste your money on this. not worth the real dollar as there is no investment in building your character. Even farming mats is difficult due to the increased difficulty in past dungeons. Its a well planned trap which is not noticeable until much later. Its why so many players left already once they hit 40. Do not level quickly. use what in game time you have and just farm mats to get stronger. being a higher level is not faster and there is nothing in the higher levels other then more treadmill running around doing the same old thing. Go play another game with more depth.