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    Originally posted by David Michael View Post
    The thing that gets me the most... the game is free. there is no need to complain. Even if you do recharge, thats on you, not anyone else. Maybe dont spend money on a game that is still so brand new. its not like a triple a title where they can come out with patches and bug fixes every few days. R2 has a large amount of active games they have to maintain and i doubt their development team has enough staff to assign a small group to each and every game they have.

    Spending money on a free to play game is meant to be a donation to the developers, they do not have to give you extra content or anything, it is meant for players to say "hey this game is worth X amount of money to me, im going to spend that much as a thank you for making such a game". And no one better argue that you can not get strong in the game without recharging. some of our strongest players are non VIP members or still just a VIP level 1

    Dude you really have no idea for what are you talking about.... r2 have not any single game developed by them. They clearly lied before mythic of glory start that they are the developers of that game and when the bugs happen they said: sry we are not the developers so its not our fault. All these game which you can see in the r2 homepage are not r2 games so you really have no idea for what the f**k are you talking about stupid moron :/
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      Scribbler. Yeah i just like to live my life with a positive attitude thats all. Maybe they are working of something big and are in the middle of debugging the big update as we have this conversation, on the other hand, it sure would be nice if they were to keep us updated on whats going on and why its taking so long. Not even the moderators know whats going on more than half the time and they are the first ones to get any new news.


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        This a relatively new game, was there when we tested Alpha + Beta in both English and Chinese, as with All testing we play sections of the game, then give a report. There's always a few hiccups when newly released and the usual Big VIPS who pay for the Animators, Devs and Support Teams to make the running of this game go smoother, so Thank you to All of them. Or we wouldn't have a Game.

        R2 is a Game Publishing Company first based in China like many of these Games start from. I know this first hand as I've been with them when they first
        started all those years ago.

        S1 PsycoNinja NVidia Game Dev.
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          This game is a waste of time now, no updates, no new events, expensive compared to the like of LOA2. the ridiculous scaling making any advancement difficult at best, a nightmare at worst.


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            Dont play it or invest any money!!!
            i used to play pirate empire from R2 and they just anounced they will shut down the game on May 10th......


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              Is the game under maintenance I got disconnected from the game 5 hours ago and is getting black there anyway that it will be running smoothly for the rest of the evening...I play other r2 games and not having any problem with them...


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                It has been a month and a half, since any maintenance has been done. It also needs to be considered that the devs might want to merge some of the server. Like the less active with a more active server? My server is nearly dead, already! And this is my favorite of all R2 games. Mythic Glory is the one I liked the best, when I first started playing, but has since lost activity and fun. What with so many not returning after getting tired of the bugs and having nothing new to excite them.


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                  There was Maintenance last week - unannounced but we did have one.

                  As for game updates, there is no news on that front as of yet.

                  I will continue to ask about mergers and will get something posted when I have news.
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