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    I have been playing this game since a week after it launched and out of everything, even the bugs in the game, the one thing that bugs me the most is there is no clear definition on how to unlock or receive certain items, mounts, clothing in the game. Its as if the Devs made all this cool stuff for the game and put it in the game without any way for us to unlock them.

    how to get....?
    Deep Sea Set (Clothing)
    Falcon headgear and wings (Clothing)
    Snowspike Tarantula (Mount)
    Flame Golem (Mount)
    Cemetery Dragon (Mount)
    Chorus (Mercenary)
    Serah (Mercenary)
    Master of Arrays Title (States you have to promote any array to the max level) But what is an a Array?

    Also, on a kind of unrelated note...
    Rune IV and VI... Are they just a super rare reward in magic runes? or is there a trick to getting these (without purchasing from the tavern)?

    If anyone could shine some sort of light on my questions, it would be appreciated.

    Edit: I believe the Falcon headset and wings were a VIP reward or available in the shop at one point earlier on in the game but there does not seem to be any way to get those clothing items now. Also for anyone not sure how to get the Imperial and Holy Light clothing sets, they were a Hot Events reward that has already passed. so they were a limited time thing as the Christmas and Knight of Love clothing sets were. Christmas Reindeer and Spring Herald mounts were also available to purchase in the shop but are no longer available in case anyone was wondering how to unlock those as well.
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    arrays are your formation booster eg classic testudo
    most of the other stuff has not appeared and runes IV and VI are rare drops in magic runes