Mythic Glory Shutting Down

Dear Players, We regret to announce that Mythic Glory will be officially shut down on January 17th at 10:00, 2019 (GMT+8). That is 18:00 PST / 21:00 EST on January 16th and 02:00 GMT on January 17th. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. Stay tuned for upcoming releases on R2Games! More information about the shutdown can be found here:
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  • Why

    Why is it that there has been no maintenance in over a month no wonder players think the game is closing Wb still bugged, world event not sorted, hot events you cant use, sepent shrine to hard
    and anything else players might add that i cant think of right now

  • #2
    -Temple trials is supposed to reset at 05:00 and 01:00 (without daily reading) but almost never resets at 01:00
    -BG is unbalanced
    -Silence is still bugged for Lich world boss
    -Now that silence bug is fixed for pestilence world boss, he is now impossible to beat with his cheaty invincible for 10 turns **
    -Even if only one death occurs during main quest, you will not get the star for "no more than one death"
    MG [S6] Tarantula Marsh - Abigale - UID:343067852