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  • Urgent Update

    Please urgent update , any mod can respond ?
    wartune had your update
    any moderator or GM here ?
    S 169 ING Leiru

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    While both games are developed by 7Road, one game does not impact the other. There are many teams within 7Road that work on a wide variety of games. Sometimes a team will hit a snag, or a roadblock, or heavy turnover, or a variety of things that could cause a stall or delay in a project. As R2Games is the publisher, and not the developer, we do not have intimate knowledge of what is going on within the team for Mythic Glory that has resulted in the stall or delay of future development. We are all in the same boat awaiting for communication from 7Road, and depending on what their exact issue is, could impact how long we stay waiting.

    Hopefully we hear something tangible soon, but we can in no way give an estimated time frame for 'soon'.
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      thank you for your response