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    Is there a way for me to move my mount spirit from one mount to another. I just unlocked my fourth mount and I want to know if I can move the spirit from my third mount to my fourth.

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    Its kind of funny you ask, there is supposed to be something called "mount disenchant" but no one knows what that is or how to do it.
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    The short answer for you is no, there is no way to move mount spirits from one mount to another,

    the easiest way to get mount spirits without spending money on the game is to save up you points for the duel venue or the glory arena and continue to collect the stars and golden pegasus card shards in their shops, if i remember correctly they give you about 30 mount spirits each time you activate the pact shards but only if you have already unlocked those mounts

    Edit: I was just thinking, maybe mount disenchant is actually what i had just explained, If you already have a mount unlocked and you try and unlock that same mount, it gives you mount spirits instead, maybe thats what mount disenchant is. similar to how when you have a merc and you have a pact for that same merc, when you go to use the pact, it just gives you energy cores for that merc instead.
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