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  • Bug Reports for Balens

    Dear players,

    As mythic glory is in the Open Alpha stage, there can be bugs in the game. To improve the overall player experience, we need your help to report any bugs that you may come across. To make it worth your while, we will be providing 100-5000 Balens for any NEW bugs that can be DUPLICATED at our end.

    To report, please submit a ticket ( with:
    1. A detailed description of the bug,
    2. Screenshots,
    3. Your UID and character name.

    We reserve the right to determine qualifying reports and the amount of Balens awarded. Balens will be sent either during the Open Alpha, or the Official launch.

    Thank you for your cooperation. Happy gaming!

    -The R2Games Team

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    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been reported or not. Last night I was doing bounty target quests after 00:00 server time and before that, my total br was around 120k and just after the 00:00 time my br jumped 10k so i was at 130,806 (roughly). Anyways when i logged back in this morning, my br was reset back to 120k again, not sure if it's just visual bug or maybe equipment or something like that.

    S1 46729169