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[Event] Balens! Balens for your articles!

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    Originally posted by Londyn View Post
    What we need:
    Share your knowledge and wisdom of Mythic Glory with others! Review, guides, tips, FAQs, etc, as long as it's original and never posted anywhere else, anything works!

    You'll get Balens for participating as long as you post an article. If your article gets featured, you'll further get the feature rewards, i.e. more Balens!
    • Participation reward: 288 balens
    • Feature reward: 1888 balens

    How to join:
    Open a new thread to share your article, with a title that follows this format:

    [Help] XXX (e.g. [Help] How to power level)
    • Your article must have 150 words and above.
    • We suggest you do it in a clear, easy to understand style, and include images too.
    • Remember to include the server and the name of the character that you want Balens with!
    • No offensive contents.

    Server: [S1] City of Eternity
    Character: XXXXX
    UID: UID can be found in game page at top left corner
    Feature reward winners will be chosen based on the responses to their articles and a GM panel.

    Further details:
    • We will disqualify any non-original articles.
    • You can post more than one article. They will all be eligible for the feature reward, but you'll only get the -participation reward once.
    • All rewards will be mailed directly to your character.
    • We reserve the right of final decision on any and all interpretation for the event. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Mods.
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      For those who wants to parcitipate in the event, you are required to create a new forum name [Help]XXX, it needs to be at least 150 words long with pictures. If you just post your in game name, server number, UID, you will NOT receive anything
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        i think a big help to everyone would be a farm system
        1 gold plants
        2 rods plants
        3 bound balens
        4 exp
        5 mark of divinity

        all of these are in very short supply, as you go though serpernt you get maybe 8 mod's and this is hard place to beat with 3 high br players, gold of your lucky might get 600k everyday without wb, rods at 10 rods needed for 5th spot and at a cost of 1k bb's alot again, bb's 100 for top stop in arena and few drops in other spots maybe when we recharge give us some, exp is better now with temple, so as you can see a farm system with these seeds would be a big help in over all game. Game is cool would like to see it grow and become a game as big and fun as wartunes keep up good work.
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