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[Server Launch!] [S21] Requiem Expanse launches @ 2/13 09:00 AM EST

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  • [Server Launch!] [S21] Requiem Expanse launches @ 2/13 09:00 AM EST

    Hello Players!

    Mythic Glory will be launching S21 on February 13, 2018 at 2:00AM EST. Please keep an eye on forum for any updates or maintenance.

    See you in game!
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    more bugs.. that is funny
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      Originally posted by R265046273 View Post
      more bugs.. that is funny
      We apologize for the game issue, the problem has been reported and forward.
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        we need the other rewards, from the other days... fix it fast..


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          each second server have similar bug, but dont worry - Its been reported


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            Have R2 given up with this game?

            Have seen GM in game few times then they seem to give up
            Game took longer than expected to be released and the reason for this we were told was to fix bugs and sort any issues noticed in Alpha test stage
            No regular maintenance so bugs not being fixed
            Lots of new servers released which dilutes the amount of players and people give up quick and start again or just leave game
            No European server even told by GM this should of been weeks ago, R2 loosing lot of loyal players and cash because of this
            No events - Valentines day passed and now Chinese New Year but nothing, what a missed opportunity for extra cashing R2
            When game launched like a lot of other players thought a good game (another Wartune) but now with all issues above getting to point thinking of moving on
            If R2 are not going to support this game please be honest with us so we don't waste our time and money (Copia a good example)


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              They have not given up on the game.

              WHich GM told you EU servers should have been weeks ago? We have been asking for them but there has been no response on a timetable.

              There is a golden eggs event for valentines day, along with multiple hot events for recharging and spending, as well as Battle Grounds and Mount Training

              Also - as noted above in forum, Chinese New Year is a slow time for all games, the Dev team and most of the R2 team are on Holidays. It is unfair and unrealistic to expect anything while they are away. This happens every year and won't change, we as players have to know this and just wait it out.

              As this game is new, and Alpha was short - the game is progressing faster than they had planned. Let them catch up and i'm sure things will improve.


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                Where is the 'golden eggs event for valentines day'? I didn't see anything on S21


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                  Originally posted by R2113009128 View Post
                  Where is the 'golden eggs event for valentines day'? I didn't see anything on S21
                  Golden Egg Event should be arriving after the 7 days Launched Event. However, it will not always be the Valentines Event because S21 is a new server, you guys will have other events before the Valentines Event.
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                    There is a one golden egg event... Please, tell me how many games (like this) have only one event? 10 mercs, 3 ways to upg these mercs and that is your all game How even you can say that they can spend their money to upg their mount? Is it a joke? Do you even know how many BR they will get if they spend 10 000 balens to their mount? Better dont answer, because your answers seems like a joke!


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                      This is a new game, events and ways to upgrade everything are still in development. If you have an issue with a specific feature or event, please feel free to leave a suggestion here
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