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    It is now almost a month since RoG s1 was launched and s2 was launched last week. Since Friday we had no events, there has been close to none activity or communication here on forum - and none from r2 on server as far as I have noticed - is this game dead before it came to live at r2? For every day with no events, players will loose interest in game and it will hurt the whole server in the end. Can we pls have some information if events are planned or if everyone is taking an early xmas holiday? I assume that if I don't get a reply here, then it's official that game is as good as dead since it's not worth the attention from your site.

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    It is now 3 weeks since I wrote the above post and not a word. I take the silence as a confirmation that game is dead from your side - too bad you couldn't even inform us about this, it's a pretty nice game - when consider it's dead. Rip RoG it was fun as long as it lasted.


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      I will see what I can find out about ingame events on Monday.
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        Originally events were created by a combination of players and AMZGame staff at AMZGame. We were going for a player feedback system to guide events. Changes to the game and shop affected the events and did cause problems with running events.


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          Thank you MemoryLane, good to finally see/hear a r2 voice.
          Reality; no matter how events were created in AMZ, then it doesn't change the fact that we didn't have event since launch here at r2 and one could say that the AMZ way wasn't best option since game died.