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Eu Server Release Date?

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  • Eu Server Release Date?

    Since i played wartune almost from 2013-2014 when it was kinda a hardcore game. I was very happy to see that r2games realease too wartune reborn. The problem is that im in europe and the only server in the is a us server. So i'm here to ask if there will be a eu server very soon? And if is possible. When be the realease date? since very soon ill start the highschool again and gonna be a pain to play if imma study 2-3 hours a day. Thanks.

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    All servers will remain US West at this moment in time.


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      Well kinda sad ngl. Since there are a lot of EU ppl who waste their money in wartune. Wartune reborn gonna maybe be a succes since a lot of ppl wanna remember the gold generation of the best mmorpg of r2games. U should consider at least to add a EU server as fast as posible.

      EU = 741,4 milion people
      US = 327,2 million (2018)