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Protect your privacy on the internet&your connection!

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  • Protect your privacy on the internet&your connection!

    It can be a place of endless fun &activities as well as ability to socialize with people, but please be safe while traveling the vast seas of the interwebz.

    Few tips to help keep your internet connection private and secure:

    Avoid giving out your skype, or using skype without a safe proxy. which can be a long winded process if have to switch proxy servers a lot yourself.

    Reasoning: people can discover your IP address and create security issues for your connections.

    Potential solutions:
    If have a static IP address call your ISP and have them change it
    manually configuring your connection/sometimes you have to call your isp anyways to get it changed
    reset router
    make sure your router has a password on it
    change your password on all devices at least every 30 days , different passwords that arent something easy to figure out with dictionary each
    set up two step verification on accounts that can
    dont share game account info with people as it may potentially login to other places. please file a ticket to change your forum password as well if having a account issue or if want to change it to new one which always good idea
    even if dont some people will try to mess with people other ways
    be careful sharing your facebook etc, if things happen there between players in bad ways we cant help there if ask=if getting harassed on facebook after people spreading who are/finding out
    turn off facebook chat to speed up connection and avoid the home page as it auto refreshes
    set in youtube settings "i have a slow connection speed"
    downsize windows not using to release it for the most part from processor and generally just use ram
    use safe proxies only in browsers

    can potentially add more to this later. have observed other major corporations say similar, been studying some of their posts last 2 yr so+. some of this has already been said before but this covers a few new aspects as i see people asking for others skype information after making DDOS jokes etc. which is a pretty serious thing if done even jokingly to harm someones computer- or R2games.

    would advise to please avoid making jokes if by chance do ever make jokes about DDOS people etc to not. can be seen as threatening +harassment etc. would rather us all have a kick *** time and play legit. ways to trash talk people with in game mechanics discussions in healthy ways- say piece about 1-3 X or once if person isn't responsive much/leave it. thats more of a chat issue unrelated to most but also a heads up-to prevent harassment cases that lead to "come fight me heres address" type stuff. even if neither of the people in the argument reported it can still be reported by any player as generating toxic/potentially illegal gaming atmosphere

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