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Recharge of old game was closed : Winterfrost Legacy and MonkeyKing Online

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  • Recharge of old game was closed : Winterfrost Legacy and MonkeyKing Online

    Hi Admin,
    I was played and recharge for 2 game of R2 : Winterfrost Legacy and MonkeyKing Online ( you can check my recharge history by this account)
    But that 2 games was closed. And i wanna ask Admin how about my recharge ?
    Now i play new game of R2 is Dawnbreaker Online.
    Could i take back my recharge of 2 game to my new game ?
    If R2 can not refun to me, please tell me the reason.

    Waiting and hear from you soon.


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    R2 offers a transfer of recharged currency from within a specific time frame, usually about 3 months, prior to the closure of a game, not all currency recharged. This transfer will only be sent to a new character on a browser game older than June 2016, excluding Wartune and League of Angels. Dawnbreaker Online is not an eligible game.

    The details are always included in the closure announcement. The game's forum section is left open for 3 months following the closure in the event that someone comes back within a reasonable amount of time who had recharged just prior to the game's closure, to give them the opportunity to move it elsewhere.

    MonkeyKing Online closed a long time ago. Currency transfers are no longer being offered for that game. Winterfrost Legacy has been closed for just over 3 months, so it's possible the window for transfer from that game is closed now as well.
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      how can winterfrost legacy be closed for over 3 months? i played it a week ago. at least that's what it started out as but when i fully logged in it was LOA2.