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  • About permament ban

    Okay guys, from 3,5 months ago then this i got permament ban for caused trouble on wartune games, but then my account were unban for few hours by mistake and they never got any bad thing about me while i were enjoy the game but i got banned after that. Now i would have a few question about perma ban.
    1- Does they never care each others hows feel while perma banning?
    2- Is perma ban really this easy (which means for ppl which had been very regretful for their past actions) and ungodly?
    3- Doesnt they care ppl how much money put in their own server?

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    Thought I would answer the questions, in case anyone ever wonders the same, or if this guy ever decides to understand.

    1. No, they don't care about your feelings, just like you didn't care about anyone's feelings, which lead to the ban in the first place.
    2. No, a permanent ban is the most difficult thing to obtain. You need to have been reported by everyone with hundreds of screenshots, and warned more times than I have fingers and toes to count, and muted for days, and temp banned for ages, with so many hours of labor put in to resolving each and every case against you, in order to finally achieve the grand prize of a permanent ban. Congratulations for achieving the almost impossible.
    3. Yes. This is why permanent bans are almost impossible. A banned player cannot recharge. However, a recharge does not mean you will never be banned.

    For the record, since I know you'll be reading this from one of your other accounts, it doesn't matter who forgives you. R2 has already told you they will never reverse your ban. Consider that character forever gone and stop asking about it.
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