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Maybe a new android game?

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  • S3.nK0o17
    started a topic Maybe a new android game?

    Maybe a new android game?

    Since r2games has been a good game community with very talented people. I was wondering why r2games isnt doing a wartune for android? I know a game called wartune hall of heroes exists. But the last update for that game was in 2017! My ideea looks dumb but seems kinda good since a lot of ppl dont allways have acces to their pc. So , if someone makes a petition will r2games consider that ideea furthermore? And how many ppl should sign that petition?

    Dont be hating that this is a stupid ideea or other kind of &@#$. Just explain why u say no or explain why u say yes. GL

  • MemoryLane
    Short answer is, R2 is a publisher, not a developer, so if a game or version of a game doesn't exist, such as a mobile app for our browser wartune, then R2 can't publish it.

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