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    Hi there,

    Been many years since i was last here at R2Games

    Could we request please that [a different] Game be added to R2Games it is made by [another] Site.
    it is a remake of the classic Blood and Jade.

    101xp bought a copy of it and had it translated into english..
    but there devs do not doing anything and it has become clear that they will not be doing anything after nearly 6 months
    of requests and still waiting,, for basic things like merges, a few fixes and new servers,
    No ingame support only a few forum mods who can do nothing which is a shame,

    Please could you look into getting this game as we would all love to play it with support/devs
    that actually care about the players not just the bank account!

    We love [this other game],
    We love the support network from R2Games also!
    We would also be able to help make Forum/Game guides if you wanted
    The old team that ran/mentor the old game Blood and Jade would be willing to return to help also.

    Kind regards and best wishes

    CookieJoe [aka the Former player of Blood and Jade]
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    [aka the Former GMThor for Blood and Jade]

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    any update please
    [aka the Former GMThor for Blood and Jade]