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  • Unable to login on forums

    For some reason, my friend's account is able to login the main page of R2 and play games as usual, but it unable to do so in forums. Anyone having the same problem?
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    What started out as a single complaint has turned into a lot of complaints..

    We are currently waiting for R2 to acknowledge the issue. At this time there are no work arounds other than trying to use an alt to access the forum with. Hopefully this will be reported soon and fixed shortly after, but as with all things forum related, I don't expect it to be a swift fix.
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      We believe this issue has now been resolved. It stemmed from a system that we tried to put into place to avoid having our more active members of the community be subjected to the new Spam Filter.

      Please attempt to re-login now and reply if the issue is still going on (Yes I get the irony, you may need an alt).