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where is Idle Online Universe?

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  • where is Idle Online Universe?

    I was playing Idle Online Universe, n everything was well at dawn but now the site says that the Game doesn’t exist. What is happening?

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    the game has probably been removed without an warning like always, i play IOU on R2games afraid all our progress is lost too

    Edit : So i spoke with Ray on Discord and he told me that our data and progress are not lost, he has the solution to our problem. You just have to contact him in Discord or via email at
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      Thanks PurpleDraken.
      I'm talking with Jay at FB and he says "R2 removed us from their website without telling us. I will gladly transfer access to your account to our portal if you tell me your character name, and the approximate creation date of the account. Regards, Jay."
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        It happened to me too. I did what you told, i spoke to Ray on discord ( and told him my username and approximate creation date of the account, and he was able to transfer access to my account.
        He is awesome!!
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          My apologies for the delay in response. All I've been told is the licensed games, including Idle Online Universe, have temporarily been taken down, but I have not received any further information about when they will be reinstated.
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