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  • Email address found on dark web

    I received a notification from my credit check that my personal email address that I use for this account was found on the Dark Web and I may be at a security risk. This site was specifically called out (the ONLY site called out, as a matter of fact) as a risk on my dark web security crawl, so I'm a bit concerned. Although I have changed my password, there is nowhere I can find to delete my login anywhere from this site. Is anyone else seeing a similar issue?

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    First, be sure you're reading the Terms of Service for any such monitors, especially if using a credit reporting agency. Many companies that are offering dark web monitoring are also selling the information you provide for that monitoring to third party companies for marketing purposes, which in some cases can be worse than just a single mention of your email address on the dark web.

    Second, use a different and complex password for your email address, and every other account that you have, from this website. That's just smart practice - if a hacker breaks into one account, they can't then use that information to access any other account you have.

    There was a couple data breeches, with the last being over a year and a half ago, which you can read about on Steps have been taken since to prevent such occurrences in the future, but it's the internet and not possible to make anything 100% secure, so following good practices for your accounts is something you should always be doing, no matter what websites you are frequenting.

    That said, there is no way to delete an account on this website. Removing a verified email address is a very difficult process, and you have to go through for that. The reason for this is so that in the event someone does get a hold of your login information, they can't destroy your account. If you have not yet verified your email address, you can simply put in a different address and verify that. If you currently log in with a third party, such as facebook, you can do this just by logging into the website like normal, then going to, put in a desired email address, set a password, and click verify. If you've ever made a purchase on this website, you can contact support and request your billing information is removed, which is a relatively simple process. If you've never made a purchase or don't save your payment information or asked for it to be removed, have changed your password in the last year and a half, and use different passwords everywhere else, there's no real use for your email address in association with this website to anyone with malicious intent.
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