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Hi ,everyone! I am newbie!

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  • Hi ,everyone! I am newbie!

    You had a hard-working day, and you want to take a relax with an online game. The list of top 5 adventure games below will be great suggestions for you.

    1, FNAF World

    Control creatures and monsters in FNAF World to build up your own team of robots.

    FNAF World is one of the most popular adventure games unblocked that you can play right on Web browsers. It does not require to download and any fees. In this game, you have to control many different creatures and monsters to win the battles and then, build up your own team of robots.

    Each character in FNAF World has its function; so to be the winner, it is so important for you to know and remember their unique abilities. Once you win in the attacks, you can upgrade your characters and turn them into super powerful robots. FNAF World combines between role-playing gameplay and scary elements, promising to bring players a lot of exciting experiences.

    2, Lego My City 2

    Lego My City 2 is an exciting building-city game you should not ignore.

    Inspired by Lego construction toys and famous Lego movie, Lego My City 2 is an interesting building-city game. You can both play this game on web browsers or download it to play offline on Android or iOS devices. Your main task in the game is to build up a city by using Lego blocks and complete other challenges such as collect materials or catching criminals to unlock new features. The collected materials, after that, can be converted into the resources to build your buildings. Each vehicle in this game owns distinct abilities, so try to drive as many vehicles as possible.

    3, The Farmer 3D

    The Farmer 3D is also one of the greatest adventure rpg games you should not miss. You will play the role of a farmer who must work hard to develop your farm. Like other farmers in the real world, you have to plow the fields, grow plants, and harvest them. There are many tools and vehicles available in this game, helping you to work easier. Working hard to earn as many profits as possible and making your farm successful is what you have to do in this game.

    4, Royal Story

    Your main task is reclaiming your kingdom from evil witches and making it better.

    The kingdom was invaded by evil witches. You will play the role of a princess to reclaim your kingdom and make it better. Make sure that you take good care of residents by farming, building villages, harvesting crops. However, because the evil witches always keep an eye of you and are ready to take over your kingdom at any time, so be careful.

    5, Golden Acres

    Also known as one of favorite adventure games point and click pc, Golden Acres stimulates tasks of the farmer on a farm. In the game, you will do everything that normal farmers often do, from planting seeds, harvesting crops to breeding animals. Golden Acres has beautiful graphics designed close to areas in the countryside, bringing excellent experiences to players.

    Hope you will find it useful with the article and have exciting gaming experiences!
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