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MMORPG Game that Ignores Firewall

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  • MMORPG Game that Ignores Firewall

    Anyone have seen one of those?

    I know it's not right to play at work, but the boss says that if I have nothing to do then it's a free country.. So I want to play some MMORPG during my lean time in the office..

    A sample of an online game that bypasses my office firewall is Lord of Ultima. It's a browser based strategy game. I don't even think that it requires a flash plug-in. But I think that it's not MMORPG.

    My interest for now is trying to play any MMORPG because of those characters, items, quests, graphics, etc.. Sad to say, Crystal Saga of r2games seems to be qualified in those games that are blocked by my IT co-workers.

    Kudos for developers who invented browser based games.. more kudos if they can bypass our firewall..

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    *bump* anyone?