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  • YouTube Spam

    Why is this game being spammed all over YouTube? It's ruining the reputation of it. Here's an example of a comment I found on a YouTube video directing to this website:

    "@glupcyw yeah you go that right also! man check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while -> 4eAaOd?=etsxr"

    As you can see it links you to the register page. It also appears to hack accounts. Is R2Games doing this?
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    if r2game does it then they shoot themselves in the knee. lol. no one likes spam and they just hurt themselves with it.


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      Nope they're accounts which have been created to attempt to steal your information and hack your accounts. I seriously do not reccomend that you click any links which have been posted on youtube or other sites unless they're somewhat 'realistic'.
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        If its just an Edit like arts and moves like comparing combo breaker but links like download or someother stuffs that you are interested dont press the Nuke Button LOL xD