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    please make me moderator

    i,m always active ..


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      Good afternoon,

      I would like to apply for a place as Crystal Saga forum Moderator.

      I do have experience as Moderator on a different game (Which is not related to R2 but I could bring you in contact with my superiors and players if you wish to). The server I had a position as Admin (Started as helper aka Trial-Moderator and worked my way up) has basicly died to host issues, files got corrupted and players quit because of the crashes.

      So, I would like to continu my hobby (helping people) somewhere else. I have been playing on R2 for a while now but I have not been very active on the forums.

      I am 18 years old, male and speak Dutch, English and can make my way in German. My timezone is UTC+1. My country of orgin is The Netherlands. Assuming you mean discord or skype with the chat program mentioned above, I have both. I am able to check the forum +/- 6 hours a day as minimum base.

      I would like to thank you in advance for reading this.

      Yours sincerely,


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        Hi! Good night, I live in Switzerland. My name is Paulo Augusto I would like to be part of moderation. I was in the moderation of the gamesow platform as supermoderator nick SrAnjo. we communicate with the gamemaster through the QQ chat. I do not speak much English, but I know how to communicate. I speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese and French and English. I would like to have a chance for my schedule to be available and 8 hours a day. thank you por sua atencao.
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          Hello, I'm wanting to apply for the Moderation role within Lunaria Story, I've been in a few servers now active mostly in S145 which has recently been merged with S139. I haven't been using forums but willing to change that, still new to R2 games I'm fluent in English/Samoan I also have a history of being a moderator within an active Animation Chatroom for over 4 years so I've dealt with all kinds of people strictly going by the rules and regulations. on Lunaria Story, S145/139 I am 2 hours ahead of the server (AEST) there have been a few times where I was in the wrong but I am quick to accept and understand situations including finding a solution that worked better for myself as well as other active players. I am going on 21 years old with a lot of time in my hands. Just wanting to make the server I'm most frequent on a better place for others to join in without people having to criticise other players by their appearance and culture. Thank You


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            Hello Ladys and Gentelmens Of Crystal Saga II.
            I want to apply as a moderator for Your game, i have in the past been moderating other games.
            I am from norway, so play during European time line, always helpfull, always nice to people im around.
            i speak both good english and norwegain.
            I like playing the game aswell as moderating for personal aspects i find it good for information and learning.
            i love helping ingame players with knowledge and info.

            if this coud be of any intressed just send me a pm on forum ?

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            ☺And more to come ☺

            ♥What ever comes my way i will deal with it with cookies and kindness ♥


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              Hello there, I'm applying to become a Mod for League of Angels!

              My Character name is Hinata, her current level is 98. I'm playing in S289-Ravenswood server. I started playing LoA 3 years ago. My degree is multimedia developer. I'm 28 years old.
              My e-mail address is [removed]
              My local time zone is GMT.
              I speak English and Hungarian languages.

              Best regards,
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                English shouldn't be a Priority but it helps to know some. But, having languages in other areas is good to have around. Especially those who do not know "English". I would not mind applying but I'm not well knowledge of the PC version of this game. However, on the Hall's of Heroes I am. Never ever look down on yourself hon especially if you don't speak very good English. But, if you want my information. I do have experience in moderating forums as well administration to them. I am pretty knowledge in coding the back end of some areas, but not quiet all. My English is not good. However I am Native American Indian 52 going on 53 next month. Yay. NOT.. But I do have a good sense of humor when not angered and I do have a lot of patience. Especially with children. *Coughs* who play here. I am a self taught graphic designer, as well coder, learned my first HTML coding back in the late 80's when I first got my computer. Ya. I'd be showing my age here if I had not mentioned it. ROFL I do have a few characters in Wartunes R2. Most are level 80 two are very high in Br. Those who do know me on my server that I play on would say I am very nice. Right GM Professor? LOL I just had to say that. My main character on Server 219 is Sinystra, my other one I play who has about 26+ Br Bill. Same server different Email. Well, I guess that's enough for me. I can give more detail later if you pick me.

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                  I am interested. Game: Loa2 Time zone: GMT -5 I like to help people to have a better experience during their game time. I can speak English and Spanish.



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                    I would like to apply for the position of Moderator. I am English so naturally English is my native language however, whilst not fluent I am able to communicate on a basic level in Tagalog and Hungarian. I have prior experience working in a Moderator position for another company which focuses on Android games, this position was leading into becoming a Game Master, however, due to some issues inside the team the team was shut down.

                    I excel at helping players new and old alike and I find that helping players even fellow team members invigorating. I like working inside a team environment however I am also able to work by myself within the boundaries of my position. I also thrive under pressure and am able to remain level headed and professional at all times.

                    My main game on R2Games is Crystal Saga having been playing it for quite a few years now so I feel competent that I can also handle Crystal Saga 2 as I am a very quick learner.


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                      Hello there I would like to be a forum mod please as I like enjoy helping people with problems they have in game,recharge,maintance loggin in issues ,servers down and keeping the peace and players happy in game I have previously been a mod for LOA before for 1 year and thought it be good Idea to help here offer my services to you guys and help with the team I do speak English however I can use google translate in situations if needed if there is a language barrier have done in past with issues


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                        I bought gold today .20 dollars .but the gold did not come


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                          Originally posted by sherbatden View Post
                          I bought gold today .20 dollars .but the gold did not come
                          This is a moderator application thread, as indicated by the title. You want to send a ticket, or at least find your game's subforum and post there.
                          Rules of the Forum are found here.

                          R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
                          Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

                          For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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                            • A history of being active on the forums.
                            • A track record of being helpful and respectful to other players in their posts.
                            • Patience, the ability to work with others and be understanding.
                            • Be 18 years of age or older.

                            A few things to know before applying:
                            • Must be able to download and use a chat program.
                            • Must be available to check the forum on a daily basis.
                            • Must be fluent in English.

                            I have been very active on this forum. I'm also very active in game and I've been known to help those out that needed it. I check the forums on daily bases. I've been admins and Moderators on other forums. I have ran my own gaming system now for the past 10+ years nothing like this however. My English, Is good. I use Grammarly a lot to correct my spelling and other areas of English. Patience I have great Patience. I'm very open minded and tend to speak what Is in my head. Sometimes some might assume its rude, when it is not. I'm just being straight with the facts. I can download and use a chat program. I have installed the mini client and the other. I have experience in Designing forums such as this, self taught in graphics and coding. Not a master, but enough to do css and html, which I have learned when I got my first computer back in 89. Good old Floppy. I also have decided gaming websites including my own. I have dealt with players who are very passive aggressive and impatient and those who like to repeat themselves on forum posts. I have a 14 year old daughter who has ADD so, as you see you need to have patience to deal with something like that. My gaming score is a 41 which shows I have been playing constantly, it will be 50 soonish.

                            Thank you
                            Sinystra/Siny server 219 Euro


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                              Hi Kitty. Due to an old account bug that results in some accounts being duplicated, you can't receive private messages unless the duplicate is deleted. This usually isn't an issue, but your duplicate also has 9 posts. I can delete it if you pm me with the email address of your current account so that I can make sure the other one is the one that's removed, as there are two email addresses attached to your name.
                              Rules of the Forum are found here.

                              R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
                              Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

                              For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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                                i am very much active in game like crystal saga2
                                i keep an eye on forum but i always feel you give the correct opinion so i just help buddy who need help in game.
                                i want to apply for r2 and help.
                                i can give creativity idea.
                                i know ONLY english hehe.
                                waiting for your reply..........oh.. forgot to mention .....i am 18+ :P