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    please make me moderator

    i,m always active ..


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      Good afternoon,

      I would like to apply for a place as Crystal Saga forum Moderator.

      I do have experience as Moderator on a different game (Which is not related to R2 but I could bring you in contact with my superiors and players if you wish to). The server I had a position as Admin (Started as helper aka Trial-Moderator and worked my way up) has basicly died to host issues, files got corrupted and players quit because of the crashes.

      So, I would like to continu my hobby (helping people) somewhere else. I have been playing on R2 for a while now but I have not been very active on the forums.

      I am 18 years old, male and speak Dutch, English and can make my way in German. My timezone is UTC+1. My country of orgin is The Netherlands. Assuming you mean discord or skype with the chat program mentioned above, I have both. I am able to check the forum +/- 6 hours a day as minimum base.

      I would like to thank you in advance for reading this.

      Yours sincerely,


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        Hi! Good night, I live in Switzerland. My name is Paulo Augusto I would like to be part of moderation. I was in the moderation of the gamesow platform as supermoderator nick SrAnjo. we communicate with the gamemaster through the QQ chat. I do not speak much English, but I know how to communicate. I speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese and French and English. I would like to have a chance for my schedule to be available and 8 hours a day. thank you por sua atencao.
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          Hello, I'm wanting to apply for the Moderation role within Lunaria Story, I've been in a few servers now active mostly in S145 which has recently been merged with S139. I haven't been using forums but willing to change that, still new to R2 games I'm fluent in English/Samoan I also have a history of being a moderator within an active Animation Chatroom for over 4 years so I've dealt with all kinds of people strictly going by the rules and regulations. on Lunaria Story, S145/139 I am 2 hours ahead of the server (AEST) there have been a few times where I was in the wrong but I am quick to accept and understand situations including finding a solution that worked better for myself as well as other active players. I am going on 21 years old with a lot of time in my hands. Just wanting to make the server I'm most frequent on a better place for others to join in without people having to criticise other players by their appearance and culture. Thank You


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            Hello Ladys and Gentelmens Of Crystal Saga II.
            I want to apply as a moderator for Your game, i have in the past been moderating other games.
            I am from norway, so play during European time line, always helpfull, always nice to people im around.
            i speak both good english and norwegain.
            I like playing the game aswell as moderating for personal aspects i find it good for information and learning.
            i love helping ingame players with knowledge and info.

            if this coud be of any intressed just send me a pm on forum ?

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              Hello there, I'm applying to become a Mod for League of Angels!

              My Character name is Hinata, her current level is 98. I'm playing in S289-Ravenswood server. I started playing LoA 3 years ago. My degree is multimedia developer. I'm 28 years old.
              My e-mail address is [removed]
              My local time zone is GMT.
              I speak English and Hungarian languages.

              Best regards,
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                English shouldn't be a Priority but it helps to know some. But, having languages in other areas is good to have around. Especially those who do not know "English". I would not mind applying but I'm not well knowledge of the PC version of this game. However, on the Hall's of Heroes I am. Never ever look down on yourself hon especially if you don't speak very good English. But, if you want my information. I do have experience in moderating forums as well administration to them. I am pretty knowledge in coding the back end of some areas, but not quiet all. My English is not good. However I am Native American Indian 52 going on 53 next month. Yay. NOT.. But I do have a good sense of humor when not angered and I do have a lot of patience. Especially with children. *Coughs* who play here. I am a self taught graphic designer, as well coder, learned my first HTML coding back in the late 80's when I first got my computer. Ya. I'd be showing my age here if I had not mentioned it. ROFL I do have a few characters in Wartunes R2. Most are level 80 two are very high in Br. Those who do know me on my server that I play on would say I am very nice. Right GM Professor? LOL I just had to say that. My main character on Server 219 is Sinystra, my other one I play who has about 26+ Br Bill. Same server different Email. Well, I guess that's enough for me. I can give more detail later if you pick me.

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