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    Originally posted by ThatGirlXP View Post
    Can somebody explain to me the difference between RECHARGE TOKEN and PACK TOKEN? 'Coz I sent a ticket to R2 about the $49.99 Recharge Token that I got. I sent the screenshots and I would like to claim it for Wartune. I got a reply from saying that Wartune is not included in the pack token drawing. But it is clearly stated on the Token Usage Rules that "Recharge Tokens can be used on any games on the platform." I need help, please. I'm a bit confused.
    From reading rule six of the wheel I would gather that rules out Wartune. But your right they do contradict themselves. As at the bottom it says any game. But hey if you cant use it I play Dawbreaker and could (wink) (wink) LOL

    6. Wartune, League of Angels, and League of Angels II are not included in the pack token drawing.

    2. Players who obtain a Recharge Token, please send a screenshot of the Token and your platform ID to Customer Service:, to obtain your recharge reward. Recharge Tokens can be used on any games on the platform.


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      I would like to know is you can only win once per game on the Stage Dive and Lucky Draw events? Because if so you should realy post that. I won packs on day one for Dawnbreaker easily in those events. Yet day 2 and 3 I get to top in Stage dive in less than 10 seconds(timed myself) and it says I lose try again. So on my last attempt of today(day 3) I switched up games to Thundercall and low and behold I won easily on Stage Dive. Same stuff with Lucky Draw I can click on 3 chests and all 3 are losers. I realize that Lucky draw says "chance" but on day 1 first Present I clicked on won. So if tomorrow I select Thundercall and win on first present gonna be kind of annoyed you couldn't put in the rules that its 1 pack per game.

      Stage Dive
      1. Select a game you want to get a reward pack from before starting.
      2. Click the Jump button on full speed so that the little “R2” man can reach to the peak in 13 seconds.
      3. Different packs vary in value, the shorter the time you spend, the better the pack will be.
      4. Each player has 2 attempts per day.

      Lucky Draw
      1. Select a game, and click the “Start” button, gift boxes will rain from the top of the page, lasts 10 seconds.
      2. Click on “Open” Gift Box for a chance to obtain Recharge Tokens or packs.
      3. Each player has 1 attempt per day, attempts reset at 00:00 every day.


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        I havent been able to do the games for 2 days now. Says I already did them for the day
        S385 CrimsonLair


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          invalid codes, moderators please help.


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            Ive been here almost every year. lol