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    We can't forward codes not working without a game and server the codes aren't working on.

    Originally posted by R246729169 View Post
    hmm 2 days in a row I try to play event #02 and I can't even get a turn for that, I pick the game I want rewards for and the damn thing doesn't work, always say's I used it when I haven't. Either fix the damn event or quit running them until the bugs are sorted out at the very least.

    Compensation wouldn't amount too much either, few angel tears and whatever and dev's think all is good.
    It's a bad message. You get told you've already used your attempt when you've won nothing. They are suppose to be fixing that to make it more clear.
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      how will explane this:
      me,like many other,cant play event 2,it say attempt is used,
      i have another account,log in,go to event 2 and sucsesfully scrach lucky code.............