Due to a recent update to the UltimatePay system, some players have been unable to log in to redeem their remaining points.

Affected players should reset their UltimatePay password.
Please follow the steps mentioned below to reset the password:
- Please visit the link https://www.ultimatepay.com/app/order/login/forgot/
- Enter your UltimatePay email address and the re-captcha, click “Continue”
- You will now receive an email with the Subject line “UltimatePay Password Reset” at your email address
- Click the link and enter the password of your choice, enter the re-captcha and click “Continue”
- You should get a message “Your password has been reset”
Then, attempt to redeem the UltimatePay points again.

If resetting the password does not work, or there are further issues with using the remaining points balance, please contact the UltimatePay support team by email at customersupport@ultimatepay.com for further assistance.

We apologize for any inconveniences