Demon Invasion
Duration: 2/1 - 2/2 18:30-19:00 PM (server time)
Servers: All
Level: 40+

Description: Prepare to be invaded. Running February 1st and 2nd from 18:30 – 19:00 (server time), waves of monsters will be trying to take over. Level 40+ players who are up to the challenge can try to defeat the savage beasts. New waves will appear every six minutes, for a total of five waves. Rewards include Soul Shards, Demon Shards, Dragon Shards, EXP, and Sprite related items.

Magic Crystal Bonus
Duration: 2/1 – 2/7 11:59 PM (server time)
Servers: S1 – S31, K1

Description: During the event time, recharge Gold and get Magic Crystal Packs. Open the packs to obtain Magic Crystal, then click the “Crystal Cave” icon to open a special shop where they can be exchanged. Exchange options include all kinds of upgrade pills, morph cards, and more. These items will reset daily, so make sure to keep checking back in to see what’s available.
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Divine Blessing:
Duration: 02/01 – 02/13 (Server Time)
Servers: All
Description: During Divine Blessings, treasure will rain from the heavens! Collect it for Divine Blessing packs, containing Mid-lvl Purse x1, a Divine Blessing buff, and if you’re lucky, your Divine Blessing packs may also contain Hero Token x1, Uncommon Treasure Map x1, Demonslayer Token x1, Pet Aptitude Pill x1, Pet Growth Pill x1, or Enchant Stone x1.
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Clearance discount
Duration: 02/01 – 02/13 (Server Time)
Servers: All

Description: During the event, ALL players will get a 20% discount on items in the Clearance section of the Shop. Note to VIPs: this stacks with you current 20% discount!