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Thread: Eternal Saga: Be My Valentine (updated 02/20)

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    Eternal Saga: Be My Valentine (updated 02/20)

    You met in Eternal Saga, and your happiest times in the game have been making each other smile. As you’ve gotten to know one another, you realized you’ve found true love. Well snuggle bugs, time to show everyone else how it’s done. Starting on Valentine’s Day 2014, give us your best public display of affection: simply share your story here and be handsomely rewarded!

    Event theme: Share your love story!
    Event duration: February 14th – 18th, 2014

    Event Description
    Participate in this event by replying to this thread. In your reply, you can share your love story, or even better, put it on display: screenshots of a wedding ceremony and/or parade are a plus! Finish off your reply with an epic quote that best describes your relationship with your partner, or write down your wishes for Valentine’s Day.
    Name:  Eternal Saga Valentine.jpg
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    Reply to this thread with the information below:

    • Character Name
    • Server
    • Words of love, how you met, or your wishes for Valentine’s Day
    • Screenshot (optional)

    15 lucky people will be chosen at random and awarded with a 99 Rose Bouquet and 500 Gold (Bound). Citizens of the enchanted land, let us bear witness to your eternal happiness! Happy posting

    15 lucky players are:
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    Note: rewards will sent out within three days.

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    Herald of Harkenings xXBlackRabbit18Xx is just another poster. For now.... xXBlackRabbit18Xx's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Character Name: BlackRabbit
    Server: S1
    Words of love: Dinok_Drog is my partner and one of my closet and best friends on the game and out of it. I used to see him randomly post on WordChat and would PM him. I even came up with his Server wide nick name DD which everyone on every server uses now. :3 DD used to be very misunderstood and people would say untrue things about him. He's really a very kind, gentle, loyal, and sweet guy. No matter what happens and who says what about him I've always defend him and will always continue to. We both had our share of marriages and divorces on the game due to people quitting but since our friendship had grown stronger though everything we decided to be partners. I'll always have his back no matter what happens I wish to be by his side in game and out as a best and dear friend, someone who can help him out when he needs it and someone who care for him. I push myself in the game everyday to be stronger and worthy of being his support when he needs me. I want to make him proud of me and I believe in him and I wish for our friend ship to grow and never be split up. Even if I'm not picked I just want everyone to know DD is the best WarGods leader I know and has always looked after me and his friends and how much you mean to me DD. :3

    Name:  Date with DD.png
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    Character name: BlackRabbit
    Partner: Dinok_Drog (Besties~)
    Pet: Kiba
    Level: 72 (about to lvl)
    Server: [S1] Aquatic Realm
    BR: 100,447 (subject to change)
    Amount Cashed: Nothing~
    Class: Mage
    Guild/Family: ReplcmntKillrs
    Position: Leader
    Song: Pomp and Circumstance by Kamiya Hiroshi

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    Minstrel of Messages Kaleesi1986 is just another poster. For now.... Kaleesi1986's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    UK England

    Our Story~ Miki93 is my husband in game and we truly are the romeo and juliet of our server :P I started this game in Luma faction and him Astra, all started with a random pm from seeing him on the partner quest, we got talking and he was so sweet and shy I knew he was the one for me. My most fond memory was when he first took me to Frozen plains to show me his secret spot, we sat there chatting for like an hour and he told me he was cold and that he had lost his pants haha! I told him i would keep him warm and since then we just grew closer everyday. At times we have been at war faction vs faction but in the end i moved to Astra to be with my king by his side we were 5th to marry on our server and i think the longest lasting couple .....he makes me laugh so much, we have our little arguments and he has his many enemies but i will always be at his side my king we have grew so much together and i honestly couldnt imagine this game without him lol ...well thats my story soppy but true thanksName:  me and my king.png
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    ~ReGrEt NoThInG.....dEnY eVeRyThInG~ Kaleesi S20 Etenal Saga S243 LOA

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    Herald of Harkenings erised.charlii is just another poster. For now....
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    Sep 2013
    character name: Ariadne13
    server: S8
    Words of Love: Well for starters, we met after the merge of servers 6, 8 and 10. Jude (my partner in ES and IRL) was a quiet guy and rarely talks on the world chat, while I on the other hand, loves to talk to almost everyone. I'm having problems with my own real life love (yeah,sucks right) and he too and that's what started us talking on chat in ES and even after we were finished with all the quests, we eventually continued talking thru FB and Cubie. Then, my partner in S8 stopped playing so i got a divorce and Jude and I got married. I don't know how to describe my relationship with him IRL and in game cause he really knows how to make me happy in both worlds. FYI, i was only 60+k BR when we got married and now i am at 91184k BR and that is without cashing, he helps me get through every quest and through the day, and even if i am miles away from Argentina, i don't feel like it so, cause we got each other.

    So Papi, here is my proof of my love for you, telling everyone how much I love you and how you make me a very happy wife.

    Yo te amo bravado papi chulo! Soy toda tuya! <3 Name:  ja3 (2).png
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    Minstrel of Messages Chiharu1986 is just another poster. For now.... Chiharu1986's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Valhalla, the place only I will be waiting at there
    Character Name: Haru
    Server : S21 Shadow Keep

    Story : I, Haru, meet FyoraFlower (Victory Guild) by she date me 1st. This is how do we start. Then I join Victory and see her again. My leader told me, it's not easy to find a partner here. So I just do my best. We keep date and I do my best to collect the unbound gold by selling unbound silver with 280000 Unbound Silver and sell with price 180 Unbound golds. Another 20 Unbound Golds is gave by one of my best friend but now he quit the game. After the intimacy 520 point, I will direct ask her to marry me! 6 Dec 2013 is the date! After that, we keep dating! Everyday I try to be online not just meet my friend but meet my wife too. Until one day, I saw she have problem with Unbound gold, I will keep give her some unbound silver for every time I can. So she can sell silver to get gold. I'm not rich to recharge Golds to buy lot of roses so I keep go Eternal Spire to get roses. small amount but worth. Day by Day, she got morph white wings and Sprite with all just her hard work, then I saw her BR is reach to the stage that I'm impressed. She is not an easy one and she can manage everything for very best. Well, I keep earn some unbound gold to get pet and mount. I do my best to get stronger to help her for all multiplayer dungeon because she hard to find any party. Thanks to my wife and my friend, I'm getting stronger to help them all, Thank you all. For the latest guild we join is ImmoRTals, a best guild that can be called a great family in a guild. Actually business in market by selling Unbound silver and item are hard...

    My wish in Valentine day to my wife, FyoraFlower : I hope we keep continue like this, I like the way you are! You are my 1st wife and forever. You are my Sakura Flower Forever!

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    Eternal Saga Server : S21 Shadow Keep
    Char Name: Hope Estheim
    Level : 72
    Pet : ライトニング
    Mount : Horse
    Guild : PandorA, Elite
    Motto : Smash the trash and do your part

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    Herald of Harkenings kiriyoo is just another poster. For now....
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    Aug 2013
    Tanjungpinang, Indonesia
    Character Name: Kirio
    Server: [S31] Primordial Pavilion


    It began on facebook, when I was having a good chat with her, my beloved imouto. And she started talking about this game, Eternal Saga. She told me everything about this game, starting from features, and systems, and much more. And then, shortly I became interested on trying out the game, and instantly accepted her invitation to try the game, and so we chose Primordial Pavilion as our favourite Oceanic Server. And as what she told me before, it's a fun game. An enjoyable one at that. It doesn't require client install too! So yeah, I kinda enjoyed the game. And we played together, doing quests, dungeons and so on. We even formed a guild as well! It's named Eihwaz. It's been over a week since we started playing this. She told me earlier about this wedding system, so we got curious and tried it out once we reached level 45. It only took us around 2 days or so until we get like, 524 intimacy points. And that day, we decided to plan a marriage, which is on 8th of February. We did it on the morning, at around 9AM too! (it was around 8AM in our country, Indonesia). It was the happiest day of my life. Now that I found someone I can protect, I decided to protect her, no matter how hard it is.

    Dear, I'm a guy who can't express my love, and my happiness with words. But you know, I'm happy, so happy to be your most beloved onii-chan. To me, you're my extremely cute, beloved imouto-chan. You're so kind, warm-hearted, and caring. I love you so much, my dear imouto! ♥

    ps. Though it looked like an incest story, but we're not actually blood related... so yeah.

    My wish for valentine:
    I wish we can keep go on like this. I love you the way you are. You're the one who can make me smile, and help me stand up when I fall. Be my valentine! ^-^
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    Mage of Multitudes alichak000 has a few fans. alichak000's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Fremont, California, USA
    IGN : S6 - IceShards (not married, but just FYI)
    S28 - IceShards (This is the account that is going to get married soon with her... send prize here if I win!)

    Right now, my wishes for Valentines' Day is for S28 Kirilett to be married with me. We kinda stumbled upon each other and she didn't have a guild so I made one and I added her. After being dumped by someone there, she seemed to be on at just the right time so we started doing partner quests. In a few days, we'll have enough to get married, but my gold isn't enough. I wish I had enough unbound gold... Maybe you guys can help us?
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    Red face

    character name : JimGirl my partners name : jimeaca
    server: 10 the both of us
    words of love: we met in Facebook we chated for a long long while and i found this awesome game eternal saga and i told him about it and we found out we could et married there and we fell in love in the game then in real we fell in love.
    Last edited by R25779143; 02-13-2014 at 09:42 PM.

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    she`s the most beautiful things happen to my life shes all i need .. all i want .. my half... ^_^ love you so much JimgirlAttachment 0

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    IGN: piit
    words of love: when i was walking and i reached level 45,i saw dear GeoMetric,a knight.He was looking for a partner and i asked him if hes looking for one and replied yes.we reached the target amount of intimacy and reserved a wedding.there,i thought i had the perfect pick,a soulmate, my treasure.

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