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Thread: MKO Beta Begins on April 14th!

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    Exclamation MKO Beta Begins on April 14th!

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    Whether you're an Alpha veteran or a brand new player, welcome to Monkey King Online!

    R2Games is proud to present Havoc in Heaven, Monkey King Online's first Open Beta server. Set to open on April 14th at 7:00 AM PDT, the Monkey King Online Open Beta is set to bring legends to life with the smoothest browser MMORPG experience yet! Thanks to all of our Alpha testers for their time, enthusiasm, and powers of observation – the Open Beta wouldn't be the same without you.

    So what's new? Well, the biggest change is that all Open Beta characters will be PERMANENT. That's right – no more wipes. Feel free to Recharge and start using Taels, because you're playing for keeps!

    Secondly, Havoc in Heaven will feature a host of New Server Events – learn more about them here!

    And finally, the Monkey King Online Open Beta will feature two previously inaccessible Immortals to unlock and Invoke: the Dragon Prince and the Titan. This is only the beginning, though; expect new Immortals to reveal themselves as the Open Beta continues!

    So that's it – we've barely scratched the surface of what you'll find during the Open Beta, so all that's left to do is wave goodbye to the Alpha and say hello to the Open Beta on April 14th at 7:00 AM PDT!

    Play Now, look for Havoc in Heaven, and have fun!

    P.S. Curious about MKO's cast of characters? Check out our quick character guide here!

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    Oceanic server oceanic time

    I want oceanic server and oceanic time

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    Banned Alberteiny is considered so-so around these parts.
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    This game is very interesting and much more epic than Wartune.

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    already 7 am pdt wheres the server????

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    the game looks really interesting.
    Is there a chance that there will be also european server opened soon? I am from europe and at first I thought that it will not matter when I choose USW one, but it looks like it is really laggy for me. Sometimes, game doesnt even load or loads only partially.
    I dont really know if those lags are caused by the number of players on server, or if it is caused by the distance from server.

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    *** is Going ON need MOD or G M NOW

    I havent been able to contect to server since april 14 keeps giving me the page with chinesse writeing i hope i spell that right, anyway help this is **

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    24598568 54

    can`t connect either

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    Game wont Load

    the game will not load for me it just stays on a black screen, can someone tell me what is going on?

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    i cant login

    why i cant login in games pls help me what to do ?

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    Minstrel of Messages Yunalesca_S16 is just another poster. For now.... Yunalesca_S16's Avatar
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    Gotta admit, the game is pretty interesting. League of Angels and Wartune didn't really get my curiosity as much as this one does, and I might stick around for more future servers when I can. I'm not sure if it will be like Dragon Pals for me because Dragon Pals was the first and favorite of mine out of all of R2's games.
    Regan's only 15 minutes late.

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