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Thread: [Guide] Seed Of Life

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    [Guide] Seed Of Life

    So ill start this of and trying to explain as easy as i can.

    Requirements:level above 50

    Seed you can get:Peacock, Grapes, Wild chrysanthemum

    Images with explanations

    So this is the map of bloodfang village.

    There are two important notes here

    Red:where you get your seed, and where you deliver it.

    Black: is the area you need to plant on

    Here is what you will see when you talk to the guy, press the seed of life tab and a new box appears.

    (images comes soon)

    Here you choose, are you 50-59 you choose that tab, and are you 60-80 you choose that tab

    Note:50-59 is only once per day, but 60-80 is twice.

    After choosing you will get a seed, this time i got a Peacock, which is more rare than the usually Wild Chrysanthemum.

    On this image u can see there are RED rectangles, Lighter red rectangles and green rectangles

    Red rectangles, is where your plant is going to be, or if someone already planted one.

    Lighter red rectangles are rectangles you can't put it on.

    Green Rectangles is where you can plant it.

    So double click your seed and find an empty spot!

    So here is what happens after u planted it.

    Red square show the crop output

    Black square show how long it's until next stage(there are different stages, i think it is 4 or 5 stages on the plants)

    and you can see now i can "tend" the plant. If you tend it your crop output will increase 5%, if you don.t tend it, it will decrease by 3%. (i think)

    After all the tending and the stages its gone thru its time to collect, but do beware you have only 20 minutes to collect it!
    to collect it u simply press the plant as you where tending it.

    After you collect it you go back to the person who started it and you press complete tab as a normal quest.

    Here is a little picture i got as my reward for doing this event

    Seed you will get is random!

    Depends on the seed

    50-59:small amount of exp and large amount of gold
    60-80: you get exp and large amount of gold

    (Amount of exp depends on the level of you character)

    IF you got any other question or something is unclear to you just post a feedback and i will try to explain it easier or change the wrong information

    Thank you
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    Nice guide dude,and one question only,you got peacock feathers eh?what are those peacock feathers for?
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    Peacock feathers are the plant that you deliver

    As when u get flower us get the flower things instead

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    woopsie, awesome guide

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    Uhmm what level is your character portnot?

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    I'm Level 54 at the moment

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    that post what lvl is that post?

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    Its also 54 , thats what u get.

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    Thanks for all the respond :3

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    would be appreciated a little help on what seed you can get

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