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Thread: Server merge thread

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    Server 174 radiant is off

    Estamos o dia inteiro com o servidor em off.
    Apenas o servidor 174 não carrega.
    todos os servidores estão online.
    existe alguma previsão para reparo?
    algum GM ou programador responsável sabe da existência do problema?
    Ficaremos sem o evento do artefato mesmo?

    Google translator

    We're all day with the server off.
    Only server 174 does not load.
    All servers are online.
    Is there any forecast for repair?
    Does any GM or responsible programmer know the problem exists?
    Will we be without the same artifact event?

    S174 Dara

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    Grassy Knoll I think its S87 desparately needs

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    s41(s87) Blistery tundra needs a server merge, Only 30 people or less play on this server

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    S134 Goblin's Gully/S115 Blooming Caves cluster failed to reach server rewards at all during Glorious Christmas event, due to lack of active people.

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    Mayan Precipice [S30]

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    Please we desperately need a merge in S87, other servers have 20.000 decorations and we barely have 5000. Everytime we have a server event we dont have enough people to unlock the rewards. Please do something.
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    s87 black lair please we are dyin here

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    S41 is quickly dying people are getting frustrated at lack of active players and leaving every day HELP please

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    Herald of Harkenings juand30 is just another poster. For now....
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    Nov 2013
    dominican republic
    We need a merge, since the server is dying and we are falling behind in the competition for Csc, since we do not have members to compete with the other servers

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    s173 Dusky Island please

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