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Thread: crystal quarry battle

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    crystal quarry battle

    hi guys,how i participate in crystal quarry battle?????????????????

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    You need to be in a guild and go to the Crystal Quarry at 21:01 server time. There, Gotor the Protector will spawn. If you're in the guild that defeats him, you'll get the chance to transport Nimbus to the Guild Management Officer in Starglade for Contrib points. While you're transporting a Nimbus, you cannot use items or attack. Your HP will be increased and a 10% HP Regen for 15 mins.
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    how can i retrieve my crystal ? its full . how can i transfer to crystal essence vial 10000 is full it requires 9500 only? can you help me

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    its for soul!

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    Actually i'm in a guild and i did go to the quarry at kayomo mountain at time but the protector didn't show up

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    he appears on L2, at the upper-left corner of kaymo mountains... gotor is hard.. a 5 or more second stun..so bring a lot of people.. level difference doesn't matter..everyone deals 1000000 or something... and he heals

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