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Thread: Class Wars Return August 28th!

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    Class Wars Return August 28th!

    Destroy or be destroyed! Heroes of Balenor, take up your weapons and show the world who’s worthy of ruling your class in Wartune’s latest Class War on August 28th! Get ready to prove your might against all others in this single-class, cross-server event! Can you make it through to the Finals and be victorious?

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    Click here to see the previous Class War winners!

    NOTE: Placing a losing wager will earn the player Glory Crystals equal to half the number of Balens used towards the losing wager (players will not receive Balens back). Example, a player spends 500 Balens but loses the wager, in return s/he will receive a total of 250 Glory Crystals.

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    first comment btw, yay i was looking forward for this

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    Herald of Harkenings VenessaAnne is just another poster. For now....
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    your having issues with you site every morning it seems. Please consider compensation.

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    This should be fun

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    Squire of Statements heuheuheu is just another poster. For now.... heuheuheu's Avatar
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    just wish that the game can be opened at class war -_-
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    yay cash wars.... r2's favorite time of the month! its like Christmas every 30 days. Make sure they can take a 29 day vacation & cash your rear off! Cause you know they don't fix the problems they got on the game already.

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    guys there are much issues with ga (group arena) aswell, nowone can kills people who has orrange sylph, and person with orrange sylph is doing his atemt with his permanent team having 15 win and after he is helping 3 noob with ga and they have 15 win again, its totally not fair ..... matching in ga can put you against same team 10 times in a row, so if someone with orrange sylph (apolo) will helps weak players it means that normal teams has to lose all the time ? I see sinner is playing 2 hour in ga very often, he is not stoping playing, he done his atemts long time but he is still helping lowbies so with that my team is losing all the time, I am talking not only about sinner.... we need points and insignias aswell and why 1 person has to take my reward all the time expecially when he dont need that? can you do ga limited? for those who done ga he don’t have to be able to do ga anymore that’s will be more fair with my opinion.....
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    Finally xD. CW is coming :0
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    Squire of Statements Lanankuras is just another poster. For now.... Lanankuras's Avatar
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    Why havent Class War shop being updated? those who play long time - already have all mounts.. to exchange some other thing there - waste of thing really.
    If u want that people spend money on class war wager - then do something about it- give some mounts what is not there. mount hoofs. dragon essences. etc.

    sometimes it seems that R2 is based on big cashers- really big - and not on midlle cashers who can spend 20-50$ weekly. We want talk to R2 finance manager for that he doing crappy bussiness- and make stagnation on those shops.
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    well real good games arent so much there.
    And wartune is not rpg - its more Political game

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    so i cant post pics of how your greedy (you removed signets solely to further line your own pockets) new lucky draw spinner is broken and glitchy?

    i will say i like the current boxes though, hallowed clothes on first pull was great, thx.
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