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Thread: Class Wars Return September 25th!

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    Class Wars Return September 25th!

    Destroy or be destroyed! Heroes of Balenor, take up your weapons and show the world who’s worthy of ruling your class in Wartune’s latest Class War on September 25th! Get ready to prove your might against all others in this single-class, cross-server event! Can you make it through to the Finals and be victorious?

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    Click here to see the previous Class War winners!

    NOTE: Placing a losing wager will earn the player Glory Crystals equal to half the number of Balens used towards the losing wager (players will not receive Balens back). Example, a player spends 500 Balens but loses the wager, in return s/he will receive a total of 250 Glory Crystals.

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    um are you sure about the 26th? Wont that kind of crash out guild battles for the servers?
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    so funny how this calender thing works.. but its corrected ty

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    seriously no changes in cw shop again.

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    Shop items gonna ever change again? Or you afraid to do it, cause might ** it up and bring new bugs?

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    new bugs? this game has soo many bugs now unfixed i think its 1 or maybe 2 bugs away from a total meltdown

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    Another unbalanced event. This game, excuse me, this business looks like a monopoly. Stop with the restrictions, can not do DI, can not do advanced skills or mounts, can not evolve and refine the sylphs, because the Mahra only gets in dreams, etc., etc., etc., only for levels 80, and the others very well, how are you? Remember R2, the level 80 players are few in comparison with the others levels. The updates should not be for they only.

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    Can we see CW winner's BR,astral and gem .... info also

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