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Thread: Gem Resonance

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    Gem Resonance

    Gem Resonance is a powerful way to boost the stats of all socketed gems and unlocks upon reaching level 40.

    Players can find the Gem Resonance panel by clicking on the gem icon within the Character panel.

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    System Introduction

    Players use Resonance Soul Stones to level up their gem resonance with the max level for gem resonance being Lvl. 100. Each time a player levels up their resonance, the number of Resonance Soul Stones required will increase. However, extra points acquired when leveling will overflow into the next level’s progress bar.

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    Note: Only socketed gems Lvl. 5 and above will receive the benefits of resonance. Normal and Purified gems will receive different stat bonuses from resonance.

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    Where or how do we get Resonance Soul Stones? i hope it's not gold

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    gee, the pict, that warrior already vip10
    Ohh btw, is gem resonance different to gem exchange that'll be available di crypt shop?

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    Two things:

    - WHEN?

    - What are those?

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    That warrior's M-ATK doe.
    Regan's only 15 minutes late.

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    When is this coming out?

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    how about if we synthesize resonance gem with non resonance gem?

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    resonance seems to be separete from gems.its more like a total boost for gems,which each gem-WHEN SOCKETED receives the bonus stats.if that gem is unsockted then it doesnt get bonus.purified gems get higher stats then non pure
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    woah wait there's a lvl 120??? i thought it only went to lvl 100 lol

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