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Thread: [Guide] Underground Palace

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    [Guide] Underground Palace

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    Level Requirement: Lvl. 48+

    Attempts: 20 attempts per day, players can purchase extra attempts with Balens.

    How to Participate
    • Underground Palace is a solo event which can be accessed via the event icon at the top of the screen upon reaching level 48.

    • Rare items such as Mahra, Sepulcrum, and Holy Forge materials can be earned from the event.

    • The event will be open all day whenever the event is online.
    • Follow direction marks (↑, ↓, ←, →) to move through the room (cannot move diagonally). Each new move will consume a step; however, areas which have already been searched will not consume a step.
    • Various events (shown as icons) will appear randomly throughout the map including: Rewards, Random Rewards, Black Markets, Encounters, etc. Completing events will earn the player points, reaching a certain amount of points will earn the player splendid rewards.
    • Players can view available events nearby; moving to an event will trigger corresponding rewards or battles.
    • There is a chance that hidden events will be triggered on each level such as Death, Stiffness, treasure, and so on.
    • The system will broadcast tips whenever treasure is nearby, players can consume steps to explore and discover these treasures for themselves.
    • Players can continue on to the next level once specific/required events for each level have been completed.

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    • Please refer to this post for detailed information about the Underground Palace.
    • During the event, rankings will reset at 5:00 AM on Mondays (server time).

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    wow interesting solo event...i like it

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    Herald of Harkenings XTrueShotX is just another poster. For now.... XTrueShotX's Avatar
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    Under your bed :P
    nice, something different for a change :P thnx
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    Looks fun hope I have luck for once in some event or mini-game in Wartune

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    this is like league of legend..... ^^

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    wow nice something for cashers to break there bank on hahaha

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    Looks good, I can't wait to try it when I get to that level.

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    Squire of Statements DoomStrom is just another poster. For now.... DoomStrom's Avatar
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    yup no need to waste time to wait he he
    Quote Originally Posted by Haliloo View Post
    wow interesting solo event...i like it

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    Herald of Harkenings Spellsinger05 is just another poster. For now....
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    Kudos for the new event. Looks interesting. Now, of you could only fix that pesky lag problem.
    Bright Blessings from the Spellsinger.

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    Herald of Harkenings sozane is just another poster. For now....
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    nice new event ilike it

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