Are you a high level character but have a hard time defeating other players? Then get ready to try out Eudaemons and fight back!
Click the icon below to enter the Eudaemon panel.

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1. Eudaemons can improve a player’s attributes and battle rating. Different levels of Eudaemons improve different attributes.
2. Initial play points can be added when Eudaemons upgrade.
3. Eudaemons will morph and change appearance as they move from level to level.
4. Consume Eudaemon Stones to upgrade Eudaemons, blessing points will be added after an upgrade fails. A higher number of blessing points will increase the chance of upgrading.
5. Blessing points reset daily if your Eudaemon is below Lvl. 6.
6. Various Eudaemon levels activate different passive skills.

Note: Initial play points decide who moves first when in battle. Players can check this stat via the character panel.