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Thread: [Guide] Rebirth System

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    [Guide] Rebirth System

    Players may begin the Rebirth quest when reaching level 80. Visit the Goddess of Fate in Tyria Village to begin the Rebirth Quest!

    Character Requirements:
    • Characters must be level 80
    Quest Requirements:
    • Characters must have at least 15 Gold.
    • Characters mustn’t have other quests active other than the Rebirth quest.
    • Characters must have Ice Shard x 1, Brilliance Shard x 1, Void Shard x 1, Light Shard x 1, Heart Shard x 1, and 2 open slots in their inventory.
    How to receive Rebirth materials:
    • Ice Shard: Randomly dropped by Vega the Mad in Revenant's Vault.
    • Brilliance Shard: Randomly dropped by Vicelot in Blood Coliseum.
    • Void Shard: Randomly dropped by Zabuga in the Sacrificial Relic.
    • Heart Shard: Randomly dropped by Princess Hitomi in Psychodelica.
    • Light Shard: Randomly dropped by the Chancellor in Killer’s Den.

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    1. A pop-up window will appear when reaching level 80.
    2. Head over to Tyria Village as instructed in the pop-up window.
    3. Speak with the Goddess of Fate to begin the Rebirth quest.
    4. Remove all other quests EXCEPT the Rebirth quest.
    5. Look over the required quest items and begin collecting them!
    6. Defeat the Bosses to get shards.
    7. Fully complete the Rebirth quest to achieve rebirth.

    60 Attribute points and 12 skill points will be added after rebirth.

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    • The level requirements of Wings will be reduced to level 20.
    • You will not lose any of your equipment.
    • Level requirements for ALL equipment are still in effect.
    • Once you reborn all previously completed quests cannot be redone.
    • Only optional quests that were not previously completed can be accepted.
    • Honor System will NOT be affected.
    • Soul System will NOT be affected.

    Rebirth mini FAQ

    Q: What is Rebirth?
    A: Rebirth allows you to reset your character's level back to 1 and relive Crystal Saga as a higher level being.

    Q: What are the benefits of rebirth?
    A: Upon successful rebirth, your player will be reset to level 1 and have special (Scion) prefix in your character name. Also, 60 attribute points and 12 skills points will be added.

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    How is the soul system affected by rebirth?

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    Noice! tyvm!!!!

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    *shivers* honor is reseted to 0?

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    hahaha honor reset ? guess that's it with this game for me.......

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    Hi Patt,
    Curious how will pets be affected as well if our pet is L80 we wont be able to use it until then?

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    i wanna know if souls reset if you rebirth. thats a biggy i have to know the answer of

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    This guide isn't enough to answer all the questions

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    Honor reseted?are u serious?u know how hard i must wake up at dawn everyday just for seng?omg..u guys unreal...

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    wow honor reset..its just wuushh! in a split sec??coool -.-

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