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Thread: [Patch Notes] 2/2/2012 Server Update

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    [Patch Notes] 2/2/2012 Server Update

    Promotions and Activities:
    • Extended activity In Search of Dragon Treasure - More Info
    • Added activity Tweet Your Way To Prizes - More Info
    • Brought back Combo Packs - More Info
    Content Updates:
    • Adjusted the programming for AFK to resolve the "sticky" issues players where encountering.
    • Added a 2nd instance for the Sengolia Battlefield.
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with the priest skill "Enchanted Circulation"
    • Removed a few instances of in-game Chinese.
    • Resolved an issue that allow players who didn't meet the posted level requirement to enter Survival of the Fittest.
    • Fixed the programming in the Survival of the Fittest event so that transport points reset properly.
    • Fixed a loading issue with the item "Nirvana Crown"
    • Made changes to the Guild Showdown to ensure the towers will reset properly.

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    Squire of Statements Novita_Sari is just another poster. For now.... Novita_Sari's Avatar
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    wow, it will be great
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    Say thanks to GMs they are already working hard for us

    Guide :
    == >Click here guide by me
    ==>Guide List by Binnette
    ==>GUIDE Wings upgrade list by vidgetpl
    ==>Guide upgrading wings by xshinn
    ==>Guide: the wishing well by binette

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    Herald of Harkenings Nnao1 is just another poster. For now....
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    Sep 2011
    It good to hear there is a 2nd instance in seng, that'll give ppl on the merged server more of a chance of getting in and getting their badges and honor. Good job!

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    Minstrel of Messages Azure_SeaFlame is just another poster. For now....
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    Very nice XD
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    Minstrel of Messages kimmarcos_ is just another poster. For now.... kimmarcos_'s Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    no new server ?! Just Asking.....

    All Pinoy join the club there is the link

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    Herald of Harkenings SheLLz is just another poster. For now....
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    Ontario, California
    Totally excited about seng i havent been able to do it since the merge

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    ok on the tyria village sever we cant get enough people into seng to fill the first instance..will everyone be put into the first then the leftover after 60 into the second or is there a choice?

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    Priest of Pontifications kylina is just another poster. For now....
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    Nov 2011
    was the issue with movement speed in survival of the fittest fixed? players with insane movement speed have been flying past everyone like they're standing still.

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    lol stop adding new servers >.< and 2nd instance for Seng >.> it will be like i disapear in L1 and move to xtal through L2 then come back to L1 and dope we win. U should think about to not let to change instances in seng or it will be like i told

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    Till what time

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