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Thread: [Activity] Tweet Your Way To Prizes

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    Server Name:BloodFog Valley

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    Herald of Harkenings R2592142 is just another poster. For now....
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    "dont show your face if no want die"

    iGN : jRsueki
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    Class : Rogue
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    Guild : Prestige

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    @EdiinhoMultirao #Following @CrystalSaga .Nick : EdiinhoMulti .
    Server : Falling Stars Bluff

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    Please note that this thread was just to announce that we will be doing some twitter events in the near feature. No rewards are available for replying to this thread. Tune in to our twitter feed for event tweets where rewards will be offered.

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    typo there.

    Its Please note
    please not

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    Kaspaya Beach

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    Squire of Statements InuYamato is just another poster. For now.... InuYamato's Avatar
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    dude didnt ya read the game master? ya wont get any prize for showing us that ya folowed them on your twitter account

    Nature's will is ever changing
    Fighting it is meaningless
    You have to flow with it to truly be fearsome

    Server-The Wilterlands
    Name- MurasameFsey
    Honor ranking - King
    Level - Scion: 9x

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    Zensho Island

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    Herald of Harkenings Yahia700 is just another poster. For now....
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    character name: Yahia
    Server: Altar Of Sacrifice

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    character name: pRIooD
    Sever:Shrine of Kithar
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