Dragon Pals is growing once again! This version will bring glorious new additions and updates for even more action and fun! Let’s take a sneak peak at what’s ahead.

Update Content

New Systems:

Calamity War, Totem.
Added new levels of Holy Land Quests.
Increased Artifact level cap to Lvl. 13.
Increased Dragon Essence level cap to Lvl. 5. Also added Dragon Essence Evolve function, with a level cap of Lvl. 1.
Added Hit and Dodge to Nymph stats.
Added Strike, Strike DEF, Hit and Dodge to character stats.
Increased Gem Resonance level cap to Lvl. 110.
Added Lvl. 14 Fashion Soul.
Increased Treasure Hunt rewards.
Added 2 types of power in Saintly Power: Howling Wolf Power and Mongoose Power.
Increased Wings Engrave level cap to Lvl. 140.
Added a function for exchanging bound items to unbound items. Check the Blacksmith - Synthesize panel for more details.
Added Battle Rune Refine function.
Increased VIP5 benefits - players in Calamity War will receive additional battle attempts, and have Auto-Prepare/ Auto-Attack.
Increased Wardrobe level cap to Lvl. 13.

All this and more coming soon! Stay tuned to find out more as maintenance day nears!