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Thread: [Guide] Basic Marriage System Guide

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    [Guide] Basic Marriage System Guide

    A. Engagement
    1. Requirements: Level 30+ male character, level 30+ female character, [Friendliness]= 100 . Team up and visit the Wedding Planner located in Starglade. [Friendliness]: The indication of a friend's relationship.

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    To increase friendliness, you need to give friends certain items (letters, snacks, presents dropped in Level 30+ dungeons).
    Or you can buy a [Diamond Engagement Ring] in the Item Shop to marry someone without Friendliness.

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    2. Accept quest from Wedding Planner in Starglade:
    Male character must receive the following quest, "Propose." In order to complete this quest, a ring and the consent of the female character are required.
    Female character must receive the following quest, "Consent of Proposing."

    3. Once both quests are completed, both characters will receive the title, [XX’s Partner].

    B. Booking a Wedding Chapel

    1. Booking Opening Time: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Server Time)

    2. Location: Wedding Planner in Starglade - Receive the following quest, "Booking a Wedding Hall."

    3. There will be a system prompt about the successful booking once completing the quest. You will then receive the following quest, "Wedding Courses."

    4. Ask the Wedding Planner in Starglade about the three different types of weddings. You must choose one. The three types include: Normal Wedding, Exiquistie Wedding and Royal Wedding. You will then receive the following quest, "The Wedding Awaits."

    C. Wedding
    1. Sending Invitations
    Time: 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM (Server Time)
    The quest is completed once the wedding starts.

    2. Wedding
    Time: 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Server Time)
    The wedding chapel opens at 8:00 PM (Server Time).
    The lovers should team up and vow before the wedding officiant.
    A BOSS will spawn. Defeat the BOSS and gain EXP and the marriage is complete! Once complete, a world announcement will be made.
    Friends may use item [Firecrackers] to set off fireworks.

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    The couple may visit the Wedding Planner in the Chapel to start the wedding feast.
    Different wedding feasts offers different EXP, gifts and possibly equipment.

    3. Leaving the Wedding Chapel
    Time: 10:15 PM - 10:30 PM (Server Time)
    After the feast, players will gain a buff. Once the buff wears off, players will be teleported out.

    Once the wedding is complete, both characters will receive the title, [XX’s Wife/Husband].

    D. Divorce

    1. Requirements: A married couple and a [Separation Decree] (Purchased via Item Shop). Head over to the Wedding Planner in Starglade to file for a divorce.

    2. Post-Divorce:
    A. Forced-Divorce
    1. Intimacy points reset to 0.
    2. Marriage title removed.
    3. Marriage Protection and Teleporation rings skill level reset to 1 (Diamond Engagement Ring marriages only!)

    B. Mutual-Divorce
    1. Requirements: A couple must party up (being the only two in the party). The Party leader must then select divorce and the party member will then confirm.
    2. Intimacy points reset to 0 - Friendliness unchanged.
    3. Both players will receive a propose ring (1 open slot required).
    4. Marriage title removed.
    5. Marriage Protection and Teleporation rings skill level reset to 1 (Diamond Engagement Ring marriages only!)

    E. After the Wedding
    1. Couples may team up to complete the following quest, "Blessed Bath," and gain 1 intimacy point per bath.

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    2. Use Item Shop item, Purple Lily, to gain intimacy points. Purple Lilies must be used AFTER tying the knot!

    3. Consume intimacy points at the Wedding Planner in Starglade to upgrade the wedding ring skill.

    IMPORTANT - Only those who initially purchase the [Diamond Engagement Ring] and selected Royal wedding will receive Rings at the end of the wedding ceremony - IMPORTANT

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    What are these marriage skills?

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    dungeon boss? and does the dungeon have to b ur level?

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    so whats the benefits of this thingy

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    so no same sex marriages? thought you said you'd try to figure soemthing out about that.

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    my char is a girl then I bought the Silver Ring.


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    What is the deal with no same sex marriages, are they anti-gay marriage? I find this offensive that they would exclude such a large group of people.

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    What if i Buy the Diamond Ring, Do i get the exact same one if i get divorced>?

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    And yes, why is this only for hetero couples? This annoys me.

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    Mage of Multitudes AnaMia is just another poster. For now....
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    Gosh, so very complicated...

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