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Thread: About Offline EXP Tokens!

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    Herald of Harkenings gabo066 is just another poster. For now....
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    About Offline EXP Tokens!

    How does it works!?
    Cuz i bought 2 packs 4x Offline EXP tokens!

    And everytime i wanna use... i can't!
    always said: "You requiere 4x Offline EXP Tokenx? to obtain 4x experience"
    "?" = the time im offline!

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    Squire of Statements Zerrif is just another poster. For now....
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    For every hour offline, your gain a certain amount of "Offline EXP". You can't claim this EXP, unless you have Offline Tokens.

    Let's say you're offline for 5 hours. When you log back in, there are 3 different amounts of EXP you can claim. To claim this EXP, you need [# of hours offline] amount of that token.

    So you would need 5 tokens of one kind to claim it.

    You can't use your tokens, because you only have 2 tokens. That means the longest you can be offline is 2 hours. If you wanted to claim, say 5 hours of offline EXP, you need to have 5 tokens.
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    Priest of Pontifications xxCiel is just another poster. For now....
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    They really should fix that. If you have say for example 10 4x offline exp tokens and go away for the weekend and come back you SHOULD be able to use those 10 tokens. But since you have over 10 hours of offline time you can't and wasted your money.

    The jist of what I got from your post Zerrif.

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    they also need to fix their coupon deal i was off line for 13 hours and if you are suppose to get 2 an hour i should have got 26 but i only got 12 the need to fix the hot mess around here and where the hech is my baby angel or my baby angel egg i want to know or they can replace it

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    Herald of Harkenings Mckilldeath is just another poster. For now....
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    If you're dealing with the tokens just try to set aside time to be offline for the exact amount of time. I'm hoping they fix it too, but until then we gotta deal with it.

    Do you mean online? 'Cause you get the coupons every hour you're online. And also eggs aren't a 100% hatch chance.

    Probably could have linked you to some of the previous posts on this....but I's lazy
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