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Thread: Eternal Saga 5/7 Patch Notes and Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by R2107938 View Post
    Why dont you just say on the forum to non cashers to quit right away @_______________@ its no fun like this
    Agreed xD :P

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    i thought that was already obvious thats what r2 wanted from u none casher?. to go cash hard or go home they dnt want nowt but ur hard earned money. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjTamzinDnB View Post
    ahaha the one and only, and those decks in ur avatar look sick what are they? the mixer looks like an allen and heath xone, i prefare my old skool techniks but u gotta keep up with the times lol
    that's mah babies mary and jane.... lol not technics just a local brand TT keepin it real churs brodah....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAAWAN View Post
    Can u Please Once consider of making a Non-cashing event ? Please. and something different , all old same events getting bit boring . and when will new stuffs gonna add ?R2 ?
    as soon as hell frezes over

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    So, first day. No probs, you can earn free gold. Second day of new server, no probs. By the 3rd day, the cashers and noncashers start to split up. -___- Ugh, R2, make things easier please.
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