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Thread: New Payment Interface! Easy Payments!

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    New Payment Interface! Easy Payments!

    R2Games has recently adjusted it's payment interface to better serve its players - now payment options are optimized for your country, and the payment interface will be in the language of the country you are playing from (Italian players will see the payment screen displayed in Italian)! Check recharges now to see if your payment channel of choice is supported! And in case you didn't hear before, R2 has partnered with Xsolla to provide a greater variety of payment options such as mobile payments, gift cards, and Bitcoin.

    Screen Shot 1 below is an example of the payment screen a player from the U.S. will see after clicking "recharge." Clicking on the "Show More Methods" button will expand the player's payment channel options, as seen in Screen Shot 2. If you want to recharge with a payment method commonly found in another country, you can also select "country." Screen Shot 3 is an example of the payment options a player could choose from after selection "Brazil."

    If you have any issues with the new in-game purchase screen, please go to R2's main store page at http://store.r2games.com/

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    Saw this already even before you posted it -.- and **** update this game! I've heard there is no merge this month and no maintenance this month or in the next 2 months?

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    -.- no maintance for 2 months

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    Blegh.... xsola wont let me use unverified paypal to buy gold... The old one is much better

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    yea plus the other one didn't put $5 fees on payment options...just saying it's a bad business call to do this...you have heavy gold cashing in people then you have the occasional gold cashing in people but we pay real life money to you no matter the method so there is no need for a hefty fee...i don't post much on here anymore but just wanted to have my say on the news that i saw on the front page of the game...this is also the best game on R2 in my opinion...played the others and this one is the only one that i play the most

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    Lmao u want us to cash but u don`t want to do maintence.lol You do maintence then maybe we might want to cash more

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    how can I recharge if payment method no MOL.COM ?

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    i recharge through FB screw that extra fee ****

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    return the old payment system

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    this new recharge system is too expensive. the old one is much better with the help of mol. please bring back the old one.

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