Dear players from S5 and merged servers,

We are sorry to inform you we are unable to fix the issue with Lovers Dash, X-server Kingdom, 2048 and Arena God.Therefore, we kindly ask you all to file a ticket with a Screenshot before Monday 12th of Oct.( GMT+ 8). Those who send a ticket with all of the requested information will receive compensation. After Monday 12th of Oct(GMT +8), we won't accept any individual compensation for these events. In order to collect your individual compensation we need the following information from you:

1) Screenshot of the events and your position (must)
2) Server name and number
3) In-game Name

The content of the compensation will be as below:

-5*999 Rose Basket
-1000* Cross Server Badges
-500*High-lvl Purse
-500*Lvl.3 Wisdom Rune
(P.S Every player can only receive the above compensation once. )

We apologize for the inconvenience again. We will try to handle all tickets as fast as we can and send out compensation as soon as possible.